Right Connection gave us the opportunity to build it's brand image and activate the presence in the digital market. The company produces corporate events, where innovation and creativity are words that are always present. In the design of the brand and in the digital product development, one of the main focuses is to gain the proximity of the company to the end customer.

Our Approach

Initially, our approach to this project was to create a brand that is visually strong and conceptually different from other companies. The variation of light, color and intensity are factors present in each event produced by Right Connection. The variable logo transmits exactly that concept. A grid was designed, where the spotlights can vary in intensity and color. These variations of the logo can be applied on different supports, as consistency is always present. After building the brand, it's time to activate the brand in the digital world. For this, a landing page was implemented that is consistent with the company's image.

Ricardo Caçador

CEO @ Right Connection